Milkmade by ChefWave Review

milkmade by chefwave

This is the Milkmade non-dairy milk maker by ChefWave. It is a small, convenient but extremely efficient device to make non-dairy nut-based milk straight from home.

How big is the Milkmade?

Well, as you can see from the photo, it’s barely bigger than a cereal box and not much taller than the coffee container just next to it. I make note of this because so often I feel like I’ll buy things for the kitchen and have nowhere to put them. Then I’ll store the device in the basement for the next 50 years until I even remember the fact that I bought one. Fortunately, this is exceptionally compact.

What can you make with the Milkmade exactly?

Basically, think of anything and you can make awesome non-dairy milk from it. Do you want to make almond milk, peanut milk? Basically, use any seed nut you would like.

How easy is it to use?

The Milkmade is the type of device that is honestly ridiculously easy to use. As long as you can measure water and nuts and figure out which button to press, you’re in business. It is not complicated whatsoever and really just one of the fastest out-of-the-box experiences I’ve had with a cooking device in a while. The instructions were simple and the design of the machine was rather intuitive.

I found the fact that you could just literally press a button for the right recipe and you were in business quite encouraging.

How did the nut-based milk from the Milkmade taste?

I have to tell you that it does taste entirely different when you make it at home. Of course, that goes without saying, and of course, everybody says making it at home makes a difference, but this was an entirely new experience at this point. It’s much more flavorful, but it’s also a lot more elaborate of a flavor too.

How healthy is it when you make it at home?

Of course, it goes without saying that when you make it at home it’s going to be healthier.  I think there are two reasons that it’s so much healthier. I can buy organic or the such and  I can even use filtered water if I so choose.

In addition, anything store-bought is going to have something to keep it fresh on the shelf, and by making it at home you could eliminate that completely.

Will the Milkmade save you money?

Considering the number of nuts it takes to generate milk, it’s really amazing how much cheaper it will be to make it at home. I also love the fact that making it at home, it’s really a question of just grinding it on the spot. I was trying to even get into the idea of having a grind in the morning, before my morning coffee, to have the perfect match with the morning coffee.