Morgan Cosmetics organic Argan Oil Gift Set


There are so many reasons I love using the Morgan Cosmetics natural shampoo and conditioner and 100% pure rosehip oil.  After the first use I already noticed my hair looking healthier.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Hydrates dry, frizzy, and damaged hair
  • Pre-treats and smooth any hair type
  • Penetrates deeply into the scalp
  • Helps to grow and restores hair’s natural beauty
  • Prevents breakage
  • Prevents fading for colored hair
  • Repairs hair from heated damage
  • Revises split ends

The winter months could be harsh and drying on your skin so the rosehip oil is a great moisturizer to revitalize and nourish the healthy glow.   The oil can also be used to hydrate the scalp and hair.   Argan oil is the perfect solution to alleviating dry skin.

Morgan Cosmetics was established in 2012 and it was inspired by the healing women who produce oils from the seeds oof the Argan tree in Morocco.   It used the cold-press method to ensure that the oil maintains its natural state and structure.   They use the finest ingredients and contains no paragons, no artificial colors, no synthetic fragrances, no perfumes, no animal testing and 100% vegetarian.

Experience the luxury in the Argan Oil conditioner with the natural plant based ingredients and essential oils blended with Bulgarian lavender, orange and geranium leaving your hair silky soft and shiny.

This holiday treat yourself to the gift of healthy glowing skin or give the gift to someone that you feel needs a little pampering.  It is a refreshing calming, aromatherapy experience that I loved!