Mother’s Day Tea Gifts 2023

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about the perfect gift for the special moms in your life. While a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates may be the go-to, why not switch things up this year with a tea gift? Tea is a thoughtful and healthy way to show your love and appreciation for all that moms do, and there are so many unique options out there. Here are four tea gift ideas to consider for Mother’s Day.

chai bag


If your mom loves the comforting taste of chai tea, then ChaiBag is the perfect gift for her. This Columbus-based start-up creates flavorful, authentic, and fresh chai blends that are perfect for busy moms who want to make a delicious and healthy drink within minutes. Their bestseller, the 11 Spices Chai, features 11 beneficial spices, including cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, and ginger. The Dirty Chai is a mix of Indian masala chai and coffee, making for a great start-of-the-day drink with a smokey flavor. Lastly, the Saffron Masala Chai is a blend mixed with dried rose petals and saffron for a sweet, rich, and fruity base. Check out their products on their website and give your mom the gift of a warm, cozy chai this Mother’s Day.


cultivate taste

Cultivate Taste Tea

For moms who need a little self-care and mindfulness in their lives, the Japanese Green Tea Box by Cultivate Taste Tea is the perfect gift. This Mahayana Buddhist tradition emphasizes simplicity, present-moment awareness, non-duality, non-conceptual understanding, and just sitting meditation. This box includes everything your mom needs to take a little time out before jumping back into the chaos of everyday life, including four high-quality Japanese green teas. Give your mom the gift of zen this Mother’s Day with Cultivate Taste Tea.


free your tea

Free Your Tea

If your mom is a tea lover, then Free Your Tea is the perfect gift for her. This personalized tea service customizes premium loose-leaf teas to individual tastes based on preferences and tea ratings. Their teas are sourced from tea gardens around the world. This ensures high quality and a delightful experience for subscribers and gift recipients alike. Choose from their gift options, including the Gift of 6 Teas, the Gift of 12 Teas, the Gift of 18 Teas, or the Gift of 24 Teas. Each shipment includes enough tea for a certain number of cups, making this gift perfect for moms who love to cozy up with a warm cup of tea.


sparkling botanical tea

Sparkling Botanicals by Rishi

For moms who want to try something new, Sparkling Botanicals by Rishi is the perfect gift. This sparkling tea elevates sparkling botanical tea with rare ingredients sourced directly from artisan growers across the earth. Light, refreshing, and formulated for flavor and function, Sparkling Botanicals uses only the virtues of raw ingredients, with no sugars, flavoring additives, or powdered extracts. Rishi’s mission is to transform the beverage industry from the inside out with real plants and real virtue. Give your mom the gift of a unique and refreshing beverage this Mother’s Day with Sparkling Botanicals by Rishi.

Tea is the perfect way to show your love and appreciation for the special moms in your life this Mother’s Day. From comforting chai blends to personalized loose-leaf teas, there’s something for every mom. So switch things up this year and give the gift of tea. Cheers to all the amazing moms out there!