Must have hair/skin products!

Summer is coming and with it warm weather that can take a toll on your hair and skin.  I did my best this week trying out some new products and I want to share each and every one of them with you guys!

First, immediately following my after beach shower, I sprayed Surf Spray Surf Styler in my towel dried hair.  I want to start by saying that it smells simply delicious.  The point of the product is to create that sun-kissed, salty and sexy hair.  I repeated the spray a few times throughout the evening and I adored the hold plus moisture that this product gave my hair.  I’m telling you; give this spray a try and it will turn into your summer hair must.  Did I mention it smells delish??

For the man in your life; definitely check out the men’s collection from Cantu Beauty.  You will be ready for the day head to toe with these luxurious products.  Their “cleansing pre-shave scrub” reduces irritation and helps prevent in-grown hairs.  Follow this treatment up with their “smooth shave gel” that uses shea butter and hemp seed oil that will stop those razor bumps before they start.  For the hair the hubby is using their “leave-in conditioner” from root to tip and it smells so awesome you will want to use it daily.  If you want to style his hair the “cream pomade” will leave you moisturized while providing a decent hold.  Each one of these products was quality and worth your shopping time.

I would love a tan but don’t want to risk my health in the process with all those harmful tanning beds my friends go to.  Skinny Tan is a great sunless tanning product line that also reduces the appearance of cellulite.  I’m sorry; but is that even possible?!? The “7 Day Tanner” is actually firming my skin wile providing an active tan.  The tan develops as you go through the days without drying out your skin ($40).  The “Body Mousse” ($40) provides tanning agent and cellulite disguising magic.  This one I am loving and I use the “Tanning Mitt” ($10) to apply the mousse streak free and of course I protect my recent manicure from being stained.  Each one of these we tried out this week smelled more delicious than the next!  Love me some coconut fresh and safe tanning!

How about shampoo/conditioner/body wash products that allow you to Live Clean.  These are salon worthy products that are not tested on animals, are free from parabens and harmful chemicals, contain safe plant-based ingredients and even the containers they are shelved in are made from recycled materials.  I tried the “Argan Oil Body Wash” and it was super smooth on my skin.  I felt soft and smelled terrific after my shower.  It was the perfect solution for my sun-kissed skin.  The “Fresh Water hydrating shampoo and conditioner” will take your wind-blown dried out hair and make it silky again.  I really kind of love how it basically fixes all the damage I create during the work week!  They also have a baby line you can check out!

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