Natalia Me-gan Hair & Beauty

Ladies who doesn’t love trying out new cosmetics as part of their job?!?

This week I was treated to the wonderful cosmetics from Natalia Me-gan Hair and Beauty and couldn’t be happier to share with you!  This is true luxury in lashes, eye shadows, mascara, lipstick and more.

What we love:

Long Wear Lipstick ($14):  this is long wear beautiful color that lasts your whole busy day and smooths and conditions your lips in the process.  I really like their “Desire” (burnt sienna red) and “Lust” (burgundy) options.  I want to mention how rich the colors are and they really give your face that final step as you get ready to walk out the door.

Matte Liquid Lip ($18):  these are both waterproof and kiss proof!  I love the smooth velvet texture.  I also adore that this is matte and not shiny.  I need to grab a few more colors they offer asap to my makeup bag.

They also offer awesome mascara, eyeshadow and super cool 3D and 5D lashes.  I think I’m grabbing a few pairs for myself and my daughter so we are ready for our next family event.

Check this great company out for yourself!  Luxury and quality all in one!