I love all these amazing subscription boxes out there.  They are my new favorite thing.  The hubby has a fishing product monthly subscription box.  The kids have clothing subscription boxes.  And now I have Neurobox.

Where exactly has this product been my entire life?!? This is chock-full with things you need to be more productive, energized and focused.  We are all waayyy too busy with work, kids, life and the stress can be terrible for our minds.  Each month you get between 5 and 7 products sure to help your brain perform (think games and mind twisters), make your brain happy (think meditation and journaling) and to feed your brain (think teas, coffees, chia bars).  They run around $40 a month; the box I got this month had amazing things like a AwesoME gratitude journal (I am actually writing down things that I am thankful for), Natural Stacks Smart Caffeine capsules that keep me full of energy, Ulimana coco nectar truffles, Copper Cup turmeric latte Yellow Daisy Paper Co Grateful Cards, and finally a Kubiya Snake Cube.  This box actually contained over $80 worth of product and cost around half!  Each item is sooo super cool and I am already feeling charged, positive and ready to take on the crazy day I have!

This is a GREAT HOLIDAY GIFT!  Order one up for your buddy and you give a gift that keeps on giving!

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