Nextbase Dash Cams – your peace of mind on the road

We have been looking for a good dash cam for a while now. With the crazy traffic, clueless drivers on the road, and our kids in the back of the car, we wanted to feel a bit more secure. Last week, my husband installed the Nextbase 522GW  and Cabin View Camera Module dash cams in our car.

image of nextbase dash cams and hardware kit

image of nextbase dash cams installed on windshield

I absolutely love it!

My husband has told me that the setup was easy-peasy, and the manual is well written.

It comes with an app. You can view all videos taken directly on your phone and share them with whomever you want. The resolution of the videos is very good. We can easily see the road signs, license plates, and signals. And as the camera comes with a polarizing filter, there is no windshield reflection. I really enjoy the touch screen, which makes the interaction a lot easier.

With the GPS system, the dash cam even records your speed and location data, so in case of issues, you can show this information to law enforcement.

If an accident should happen, the Nextbase Emergency SOS can alert the emergency services and give pre-saved medical data such as blood type, allergies, and medical history, which will further aid efficient treatment. I am very happy to say we have not yet had a need for this feature! But it is a great relief to know it is there just in case.

Another awesome feature I have not yet had the pleasure to test out is the Intelligent Parking Mode. While parked, the Nextbase system will automatically sense any bump to the car or physical movement, and prompt the dash cam to record.

I love that we have the Cabin View too. This records the inside of the vehicle with sound and all. I have already had great use of this. My kids were extremely funny, singing silly songs, and I now have a great video of that!

You can get this particular model with Cabin View for $299.99 straight from the website of Nextbase, from Amazon, or in the stores of Walmart and Best Buy.

A great price for peace of mind. I cross my fingers you will never need it, but when you do you will be happy you made the investment. Why not surprise dad with one of these awesome Nextbase dash cams on his birthday or for Father’s Day?