Nutri Grain Brings New Exciting Snack Options!

I always love giving my family the healthiest snacks I can find out there especially these days with all the pandemic scariness still looming.  I was so excited to receive a box of their new offerings to taste test!

Nutri Grain Bites Chocolatey Banana – umm these are delicious!  They are bite size bars with a delicious sweet and creamy filling which I found to be a great start to my day!  I love how they are conveniently packaged so you can toss in your tote, purse or backpack!  I also will admit these are kind of my “night time need a snack but don’t want to go for ice cream” treat now too.  They offer apple and strawberry also; these are a new flavor that debuting now!

Nutri Grain Fruit & Veggie Bars: same concept as their fruit breakfast bars we have always enjoyed but now the perfect mix of fruit and veggies like strawberry & squash as well as apple & carrot.  These combinations are a true “win win” being 8 grams of whole grains in every serving.  No artificial flavoring here and also in the perfect packable size to ensure you always have some healthy fuel no matter what the day may bring you.

Chocolatey Banana Bites will be offered at $3.69 for a 5 count box and $5.79 for a 10 count box.  The Fruit and Veggie bars will be offered for $3.99 for an 8 count box.  Look for them locally and try them out for yourself!  Such a perfect new snack option!