Obvi Super Collagen Protein

Who is interested in healthy skin, hair and nail growth?!?  Who thinks at night about joint pain and soreness?!?  One more time; how about fine lines and wrinkles?!?

If “yes” is the answer to any of these then quite simply you should very much consider adding collagen to your regime.  Obvi’s Super Collagen Protein is pretty much the best there is on the market.  This product actually increases how we absorb collagen in our body.  You will have glowing skin, flexible joints, a healthier gut, thicker hair, stronger nails and actually satisfy cravings (loss weight!)

Now here is the pretty cool part.  The flavors are just awesome.  Birthday Cake, Cotton Candy, Peanut Butter, Cocoa Cereal, Cinna Cereal, Fruity Cereal, Frosted Cereal, Honey’Os Cereal and my personal favorite Marshmallow Cereal.  Each container will cost you about $39.  You can actually take this product morning, noon and night.  This is a no brainer, good taste and amazing benefits which include biotin, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Calcium, Iron and Vitamin E.  You can take this product and eat it, drink it and even bake with it.  I personally use it every morning with their shaker to make my “drive to work” shake super frothy and healthy!

Do you have kids?  They offer a Kid’s Complete Protein product in flavors which include fruity cereal, cocoa cereal, cookie cereal and marshmallow cereal.  Each will cost you about $29.  Same low carb, heavy on the vitamins concept making this the perfect, highly nutritious milk shake.

You must check these products out!