Ocean Spray Releases Snack Medley

image of two bags each of the three flavors of ocean spray snack medley

Ocean Spray has unveiled its latest product offering, Snack Medley, a delightful combination of dried fruits designed to tantalize taste buds. This new addition to their lineup boasts a harmonious blend of sweet and tangy dried cranberries paired with other premium fruits. Available in three mouthwatering varieties, namely Cran-Blueberry™, Cran-Pineapple™, and Cran-Mango™, Snack Medley is certainly the ideal snacking solution for families on the move.

Snack Medley is the epitome of convenience, making it perfect for a quick pick-me-up during the afternoon, a post-soccer or baseball practice treat, or a satisfying snack for weekend adventures. Each box contains five single-serve 1-ounce pouches, ensuring the perfect portion size for a wholesome and nourishing experience.

Kelvin Vuong, the Senior Director of Brand Marketing, USA Foods and Snacking, expressed his enthusiasm for this exciting addition to Ocean Spray’s range. “We are thrilled to introduce Snack Medley, a fusion of delectable flavors that caters to the cravings of busy individuals,” he enthused. “With this delightful new snack experience, we continue our commitment to providing families with delicious and nutritious options.”

Snack Medley is now available for purchase exclusively at Walmart stores nationwide, and it will soon be making its way to additional grocery retailers, including Kroger, Meijer, HEB, and Stop & Shop, this summer. Ocean Spray’s expansion into the snacking market underscores its dedication to offering families wholesome choices that cater to their on-the-go lifestyles.

Ocean Spray Cranberries Inc., the agricultural cooperative owned by approximately 700 family farmers, has been at the forefront of the cranberry industry since its inception in 1930. With a passion for preserving the family farming way of life, Ocean Spray has become a global cooperative, uniting farmers from the United States, Canada, and Chile. Their cranberries feature in over a thousand nourishing products available in more than 100 countries worldwide.

For more information about Snack Medley and Ocean Spray’s range of products, visit their official website at www.oceanspray.com. Embark on a delightful snacking journey with Ocean Spray’s Snack Medley!