OnePear No-Show Socks

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How many times do we buy no-show socks and they start to slip off? Yes, having no-show socks slip off is a common occurrence until I discovered OnePear. The socks produced by OnePear are different and don’t slip off!

OnePear has a patented heel-less design that keeps the socks in place. OnePear no-shows stay firm just below your shoe during the duration of the day. There is no hassle or fuss to pull your socks up. The socks are made with premium, cushiony fabric including 71.8% cotton, 24.4% polyamide, and  3.8% elastane.  Also, they are machine washable and can tumble dry on low.

At first, it did feel a little odd to wear socks without a heel. However,  once you get used to it then it is fine.  Everything new and different takes time to get familiar with so it seems normal or usual.

Some may say these socks are dysfunctional however there is a serious reason behind what they do at OnePear. They stand loud and proud as a mission-backed business that aims to spread awareness and normalize conversations around mental health. Millions of Americans suffer from mental health. By supporting OnePear, you’re standing in solidarity with the company’s mission to improve the collective well-being of society.

OnePear has developed a product that is high-end, doesn’t give you blisters, and works great.  If you would like more information visit their website.