Ordering Exotic Fruits is my New Favorite Thing

I think that ordering exotic fruits online has to be my new favorite thing.

Tropical Fruit Box basically chooses high quality, exotic fruits and ships them right to your door.

Besides that, why is this the most amazing thing ever?

First of all, I love the fact that you have the chance to try fruit you might never try in your life.  I mean, look in that photo. Look at that Avocado. You can kill a man with that avocado! It’s so big it could be a weapon.

So how awesome is it to order fruit that is well beyond just an apple.

Secondly, fruit is amazing for you and I’m really not in the mood for more chocolate. This mamma is trying to watch her body and I can do much better with fruit that I can with a pile of chocolate.

Thirdly, they are not just shipping fruit. They are shipping high quality fruit.  Everything comes perfectly wrapped and perfectly cooled.  In fact, if you have any issues, they’ll take care of it.

Overall, I absolutely love that this is a gift that could make an incredible desert spread. And while I have fond memories of looking at a box of chocolates and sharing our favorites with the family, I love sharing fruits that I’ve never had before.

PLUS, they have the super rare to order Pinkglow™ Pineapple.  This pineapple will make you forever regret and hate regular pineapples.  They are super delicious and not bitter at all! Honestly it’s the best pineapple I’ve ever had.

Check them out at: https://tropicalfruitbox.com/

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