Paint By Pom Pom – A Great Craft For Kids!

If you love art, you’ll want to read and check out this craft kit for your children.  

Painting is one of my favorite things to do, but sometimes painting freely won’t come out the way I hope. So, paint by numbers are a way to keep organized and give you a higher chance of your art coming out how you want! However, I get distracted easily with those, and frustrated. Paint By Pom Pom has just the thing for people with similar scenarios to mine! There are four Paint By Pom Pom boxes you can purchase.; cat, dinosaur, unicorn or dog.   I had so much fun doing one that I recommend grabbing all four when you make the purchase. 

Your package will accommodate you with one Unicom image with a frame to display your art. All you have to do to begin is pull off the plastic protective cover to reveal your image. You do not need glue, as the image is adhesive in order to simply just apply your Pom Poms! On your image, you will see colored dots that correspond to a Pom Pom with that same color, and a number. You simply place the correct color Pom Pom on the correct numbered dot, and Ta Da! You’ve already got one Pom Pom done on your masterpiece!

Paint by Pom Pom is a very easy piece of art to work on, whether you’re an adult looking for a relaxing activity or a kid with nothing to do. They’re also very affordable. Go get yours now as a great holiday gift for the upcoming season! The cost is $20 per box or a great bundle for $72.