Pampered Bee – “Created for Babies, Used by Everyone”

image bottles of Pampered Bee products and brush and comb set

What is most important to parents?    Moms and Dads want the safest and best things for their babies.

Helen Karadjian, Founder of Pampered Bee, and also a mom herself, is dedicated to replacing toxic ingredients found in personal care products with truly organic, and natural ingredients.  Besides being organic they are 100% all-natural, vegan, cruelty-free, biodegradable, and consciously made.  Her newborn daughter suffered from eczema and found no relief from “natural” products in the market.  Helen worked alongside a chemist to formulate a product that successfully cleaned up her newborn’s eczema. Now, she’s created more all-natural products to share with other parents looking for 100% plant-based products.

The body lotions are unscented or scented only with natural essential oils.   I love the lavender body lotion.   It really feels silky smooth and the lavender smell is very soothing and not overpowering.  The shampoo and body wash works great and is gentle.   It comes in unscented, lavender/jasmine, and tropical fusion.

Pampered Bee’s Natural Brush & Comb Set is adorable. The brush and comb set is made with soft goat bristles, bamboo, beech, and pear wood.

Pampered Bee products would make a great baby shower gift for new parents. Free shipping for purchases $35 or more.  The products are impressive if you are looking for a natural skincare option for you or your baby.