Partake Brewery’s Non Alchoholic Beer

I think COVID-19 and the pandemic has certainly raised the level of adult beverage intake we as adults have been doing.  I mean; what else is there to do sometimes? Also it kind of does curb our ever growing anxiety and worry.  Partake is a great option in the world of “non-alcoholic” beverages.  I really do enjoy them!  They fill the “want” and “do the trick” without carrying the alcohol content that we really just do not need.  Partake is a delicious craft beer option; unlike so many other products out there, this brand truly does taste authentic and will be your go to if you so desire to still get to socially connect with friends, colleagues and celebrate special occasions with family and friends.  This is perfect for the “beer lover” who doesn’t want to consume alcohol.

If you want to give it a try, the companies Discovery 5-Pack is a great way to start.  This set ($18.00) contains the five options the company offers.  Red is the newest addition and contains 25 calories and 3 carbs.  This is a smooth, soft caramel malt that is the perfect option for the fan of English and Irish Ales.  Pale is your go to for a 0 carb/10 calorie beer that is sweet and aromatic.  I actually couldn’t believe how yummy this one was!  IPA was their first brew and is a light, bubbly citrus meets malt option (10 calories, 2 carbs).  Blonde (15 calories/3 carbs) is your fully body beer choice that is great for your beach/patio at night moments.  I found this to have a great body and totally wasn’t watered down.  Finally, for the fan of a warm, darker, smoky beer check out their Stout.  This has a nice foam topper and is great with burgers, desserts etc.  (30 calories/8 carbs).  24 cans of one of these options will cost you $55.00 and I firmly believe they are worth a try!