Pickle Lovers Rejoice: The New Limited Edition Spicy Dill Pickle Goldfish Crackers


goldfish dill
goldfish dill

In the vast ocean of snack options, a new fish has swum to the forefront, ready to make a splash this summer. Introducing the Pepperidge Farm Limited Edition Spicy Dill Pickle Goldfish Crackers—a snack so bold, it’s practically a big dill!

We all know that new Goldfish flavors don’t come around often, so when we heard about the Spicy Dill Pickle edition, we knew we had to dive in headfirst. With the promise of tangy dill pickle goodness and a spicy kick of red chili peppers, how could we resist? Naturally, our first taste was filled with anticipation and excitement.

On the first bite, these crackers slap you in the face with a briny, salty flavor that’s a dream come true for pickle enthusiasts. The subtle heat from the chili peppers adds an unexpected zing, making these Goldfish a standout among their peers. If you’re the type who hoards pickle-flavored snacks, consider this your new favorite catch.

But, as with all snacks, there’s a bit of a catch. While the initial flavor burst is impressive, the crackers themselves left us wanting more. They’re missing that signature baked-in cheesy flavor that makes Goldfish, well, Goldfish. Imagine if this zesty seasoning were on Cheddar or Parmesan Goldfish—now that would be a snack to write home about!

Nonetheless, the Spicy Dill Pickle Goldfish are a fun, zesty addition to any summer gathering. Whether you’re lounging by the pool or hosting a backyard barbecue, these crackers are sure to be a conversation starter. And let’s be honest, with over 300 million pickle-related posts on TikTok and millions of Americans craving extra spice, these Goldfish are a timely treat.

As Janda Lukin, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer of Campbell’s Snacks, puts it, “Fan passion for new Goldfish flavors is a constant source of inspiration for us.” The overwhelming demand for a pickle flavor, fueled by social media and petitions, brought this zesty creation to life. So, don’t wait—these limited-edition crackers are available now, but only for a short time.

Ready to get your hands on this summer’s most exciting snack? Grab a bag of Spicy Dill Pickle Goldfish and let your taste buds embark on a flavorful adventure. At an SRP of $3.69, it’s a small price to pay for a big flavor punch. Dive in before they’re gone!