Pockimals – your child’s new best friend

We are in love with Pockimals!

These are the cutest cotton t-shirts with a little plushie in the front pocket.

They offer 12 different mini-plushies, each with a button on the stomach so you can securely attach it to the front pocket of the shirt or dress. With 5 different colored shirts and 2 dresses, the combinations are numerous!

Those clothes are not cheaply made neither, good quality fabric that can be put in the washer and dryer over and over without loss of color or form. The colors are vibrant and the tissue is soft.

And should you wish to bring more of your plushies with you at the same time, they offer a great backpack to carry 3 of them at once while having a very sturdy backpack for your child.

These plushies are the cutest, and the fact that your todd can bring his small plush safely to the store without losing it, is a great comfort. And whatever your little one is planning for they day: running, cartwheels, biking,… no way his friend will be lost.

An incredibly cute and high-quality gift, that will delight both boys and girls. The only hard part is choosing only a couple of all the cute plushies available!