PowerA Fusion Gaming Accessories

PowerA brings us super awesome gaming products that make your gaming experience even better than before!  My kid and I are testing them out and are thrilled to say we love each and every one of them!  Good luck getting him to help me with any of my house chores now!

The Fusion Wired Controller will continue to be a staple in this house because of its durability.  This remote is licensed by Xbox and features trigger locks, advanced game buttons, and interchangeable analog sticks (my son customized to his comfort preference).  The remote actual rumbles and vibrates in your hand and you really feel a part of the action.  My absolute fave part is the braided cable; so much stronger than the “usual cord” these remotes come with.  This will really last the test of time!  The remote costs around $35.

Their Fusion Mini Controller packs the same punch just smaller.  AWESOME for little hands and of course packing to travel in the case you cannot live without your games like my kids!  The remote has a smooth feel and my kids enjoy playing with it!  This one will cost you around $39.

Now onto headsets: the Fusion Gaming Headset is by far one of the best in terms of quality.  The earpieces and headband are foam padded and reallyh comfortable.   They have awesome controls that let you mute yourself or change volume with one simple touch.  No reason to be distracted while you play!  We are finding the attached mic to be really clear and easy to use.  I suggest adding this to your accessory collection; it costs around $40.

Get to their website to learn more and cross some people off your holiday list!  http://www.powera.com/.



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