My purse met CLIPA today…

Ladies; who is with me with our bags?!? Mine is actually a time portal into another dimension.  I have no clue when all these things go into the bag but somehow all of a sudden I cannot find a thing and also my entire life is in the bag.  It literally has become a part of me and as such (and due to its size) that half the time when I am out I don’t even know where to put the darn thing.  Enter the CLIPA and the solution is in front of your eyes.  This super awesome clip or “ring” can attach to rails, ledge, edges and more and is great for purses, bags and even a backpack!  This is really a great stocking stuffer/gift for anyone!  Think mom, friends, students; really the possibilities are endless!  By the way the germ-phobe in me would like to point out that you will not be tossing your bag on the floor or counters and thus not picking up those pesky illnesses that follow you home.  Oh, and it weighs almost nothing yet can hold over 30 pounds!  And trust me; my bag was really a test! Also it comes in a few finishes so you can actually match it to your favorite purse.  The cost is around $16 making it an affordable option even for a grab bag.  Oh and I am not ashamed to admit that I even wore it around my wrist this past weekend on my shopping trips!  Jewelry, fully functioning clip, finally a place for my bag: I am a happy (and slightly more organized and civilized woman) who no longer has to put her bag on the floor at restaurants!

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