Rapala Fishing Lures

It is fishing season and my family will be ready with our new fishing lures from great trusted brands like Rapala and Storm.  We are checking out Rapala’s new lure “Shadow Rap Shad” which actually mimics a dying shad and actually rises up like one to “trick” the fish into coming out of hiding.  I am not going to pretend to understand what goes on with these fishing tricks but my husband sure seemed impressed.  The lure is slow-rising and runs 3 to 4 feet in-depth.  It comes in an array of colors both frosted and translucent.  We have “molten copper” which the hubby was happy with.  This lure is priced around $9.99.  http://www.rapala.com/rapala/lures/shadow-rapandreg-shad/Shadow+Rap+Shad.html?cgid=rapala-lures&start=3.

Storm Lure’s also have an impressive line sure to thrill the fishing enthusiast.  We are checking out hard bait and their “Arashi” series.  The “Top Walker 11” is great for choppy water’s  and actually walks and keeps the hook below the bait (this impressed the husband; I don’t actually know what that means).  The lure rattles and makes sounds that trick the fish into thinking there is a school of bait fish nearby.  This lure is priced just under $10 and is available in different sizes and colors.  We also have the “Arashi Rattling Flat 7” which rattles and swims quite furiously bringing sounds along with it sure to attract the fish you are looking for.  I think my boys are headed out for some fishing success!

lure 2 lure 1

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