Realea Skincare Aurora Beauty and Healing Balm

image of realea aurora skincare jar and box

Are you dealing with winter skin and chapped hands? After I started using the Realea Skincare  Aurora Beauty and Healing Balm twice a day, I saw a difference within the first day.  My hands had cuts and were bleeding from dry skin.  I was on a trip to Las Vegas and the dry air made my skin so much worse. I applied a small amount in the morning and in the evening.  The next day, my cracked skin was healed and looked great.

Realea makes their Aurora balm entirely from natural ingredients, with zero synthetic chemicals or preservatives.  They expertly prepare each product through sophisticated holistic techniques.

I also have sensitive skin and Realea formulated Aurora for skin that is particularly sensitive. I’m so happy I found Realea Skincare.  I love the smell and texture.  The Aurora balm healed my hands and feet and made them look so smooth.

It’s a quality product, freshly made and handcrafted.  I use it for any dry spots I have, and even on my face.  It helps reduce redness and inflammation.   It gives me a very pretty, glowing, vibrant complexion.

I highly recommend Aurora.   Check out the website for more information and to check out the other Realea Skincare products.


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