Relax Home Life’s Bamboo pillows


Tired from all the running around you have to do this time of year? Tired from all the cooking and prepping? Does your neck hurt from bending your head over to wrap presents? Tired from just working hard all day every day? What you need is a good night sleep. If you’re anything like me, that doesn’t come easy. One thing I’ve learned is that having a good mattress and a good pillow go a long way to helping me get the restful sleep my body needs. Relax Home Life understands this, and has a new line of Bamboo Pillows that might help you.

Relax Home Life’s Bamboo Pillows are breathable and washable, which are two aspects that are very important to me. I worry about things like dust mites, mildew, and germs. I know that warm moist places are ideal conditions for these and other allergens, so a sweaty pillow is a no go for me. However, when I try to wash them, most pillows clump up and are no longer comfortable.

Now, on to the good, not gross, stuff. The Bamboo Pillows conform to your head and neck to provide you with the support you need to get a good night sleep. This support may also alleviate neck and back pain, migraines, and snoring. The Bamboo Pillows come in a variety of styles, including a soft pillow with shredded down alternative and a firm pillow with shredded memory foam. You can also get a foam wedge pillow or a memory foam contour pillow. Each of them comes with a Stay Cool Cover. Most of them are in the $30 range, which means I can afford it. This isn’t just a good investment for myself, but it will make a great gift too.

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