Buoy Hydration Drops Review

image of buoy hydration, energy, and immunity drops

How about a great wellness drop that will turn your normal “drink of choice” into an awesome beverage?  Buoy drops offer just that – a major burst of electrolytes without the sugar, the sweetener, and the artificial flavors, calories, or carbs.

Buoy offers three different types of drops to choose from—Hydration, Energy, and Immunity.

Hydration – These are daily electrolytes and minerals that are not sweetened or flavored.  Perfect for easing cramps, preventing hangovers, soothing headaches, and more.  Long term, they will contribute to detoxification and radiant skin tone.  Ingredients here are deep ocean minerals, sea salt, and plant-powered vitamins and antioxidants.

Energy – These bring the supercharge to your favorite beverage without the jitters and sugary nonsense.  These are great for calming energy, enhancing mood, focus, and mineral support.  Over time, you are alkalizing your body, stabilizing energy, and boosting your cognition.  Ingredients include green tea, L-theanine, B vitamin complex, and more.

Immunity – my personal favorite.  A boost of antioxidants and they soothe inflammation as you navigate through your hectic and crowded days.  Over time, great detox and immune support benefits.  You are getting zinc, Vitamins A, B1, B5, B6, C, D3, and E, Ginger, Echinacea, Elderberry, and more!

Each box of 3 bottles costs between $30-35.  Or, receive their Wellness Box ($33) that has one bottle of each.  Total win-win to get yourself started.  Subscribe to their “clean pee club” and never run out of these important, hydrating vitamins and minerals.