Medieval Collectibles Review

image of medieval cloak from Medieval Collectibles

Medieval Collectibles is your one-stop shopping for everything Medieval and Renaissance.  They have a huge selection of renaissance garb, medieval weapons, jewelry, boots, archery supplies, armor, shields, axes, tapestries, swords, headgear, and so much more!  No matter what your need may be, they for sure can help you out.  Their clothing is perfect for fairs, re-enactments, performances, and possibly even themed weddings!  We were sent one of their cloaks for review and I wanted to tell you about that.

Aaron Canvas Cloak ($38): This is your classic cloak, perfect for a Renaissance Fair or Historical Re-Enactment.  Great for playing a peasant, nobleman, or even ranger.  Made from sturdy canvas, it will provide very good protection from wind.  The drawstring hood is very easy to use.  The cloak fastens at your neck with a very comfortable button.  It comes in an array of colors like black, blue, brown, green, grey, and wine.  It is handmade so each one will be slightly different, making it even more authentic.

Who in your life is a big fan of these time periods? You can really grab them an amazing holiday gift. There are so many amazing items to choose from.

You must check Medieval Collectibles out for yourself!