Nirvana HMB Water Review

image of an assortment of nirvana hmb water varieties

What is Nirvana HMB Water? Well…when I opened the box this week to try them out I was wondering the very same thing.

This is natural spring water that is infused with muscle wellness in every sip.  Since HMB Premium Water is naturally produced in your body and supports muscle health but slows down as you get older so the water helps to replenish it but the premium water itself isn’t produced in the body.  This water option helps you replenish.  You will increase strength,  increase mobility, and improve performance from your workout or activity.

You are hydrating and replenishing in ways your body will thank you for!  It is best when chilled.  I just put a bunch on the fridge door so we are ready for anything!

All products come in recycled and BPA-free bottles. You can grab a 12 pack of .5L bottles right on Amazon for about $25.

I also really like their Nirvana Muscle Recovery + Immunity Support option that has Vitamin D3.  This one I really like!  It has this awesome orange essence too.  This one boosts immunity, and strengthens bones and muscles!  $27.00 for a pack of 12 here!

This company is really very cool. I love a product backed by science.  You may also want to try their Nirvana Select (electrolyte-infused water).  They are all straight from the Adirondack Springs, by the way.  You can subscribe too so you never run out!