Review: Snuggy Buddy

Here is the perfect gift for baby for the upcoming holidays!

Snuggy Buddy is the perfect go=to wearable lovey/blanket.  It really is just functional meets completely adorable.  It features this built in butterfly lovey that is weighted to allow for a safe option to help sooth and comfort baby while they sleep.  Basically your baby can hold onto the fabric wings and help lull themselves back to dreamland!

It also has adjustable snaps on the shoulders so it will expertly grow with baby.  My personal favorite feature is the zipper down both sides so you can have the product lay flat when open and allow for easy middle of the night changes.  The fabric is premium, pre-washed Muslin fabric that you will want to have for yourself.  The 6-12 month size will cost about $50-55 depending upon the weighted option and the 12-18 month size is $59.  It is pretty much going to guarantee that you get some much deserved sleep!  I know my niece says her little one actually self soothes and she doesn’t have to race out of bed all night long.  This is just so adorably unique, useful and comfortable that you will love it too!

Check it out for the holidays!