Review: Sugar Bowl Bakery

The minute the cool, crisp fall weather kicks in I get super excited for the cookies/candies and holiday season treats that come along with the season!

I want you to personally check out Sugar Bowl Bakery who offers amazing, buttery soft baked goods.  They contain no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.  This is your perfect “satisfy my mid-day craving” treat for the office.  This company is a minority and family owned and operated business.  I enjoyed the following amazing options this week in my home:

Brownie Bites: these are the perfect size and made with only simple ingredients.  They are very rich and chocolatey; both my kids really enjoyed them!

Madeleines: who doesn’t love a French-style buttery soft cake-like cookie.  I honestly couldn’t eat just one.  They are such a simple and delicious option and great to bring to your next family/friend gathering.

Now onto my personal favorite – the Pumpkin Spice Madeleine.  This is your autumn MUST!  They are made the same buttery delicious way as the original but these have yummy pumpkin and spices.  I honestly ate 3 in like 5 minutes that is simply how good they are.

You can easily purchase them at your local COSTO.  What could be easier! Next up for me is trying their chocolate donuts!