Royal Releases White Queso & Jalapeño Seasoned Basmati Rice

royal rice
royal rice

In a mouthwatering twist, Royal®, renowned for its position as the #1 brand of Authentic Basmati and Sona Masoori rice in America, is unleashing a flavor sensation that’s set to captivate taste buds across the nation. The latest addition to their Ready-to-Heat range, White Queso & Jalapeño Seasoned Basmati Rice, is ready to make a spicy statement.

Royal’s White Queso & Jalapeño Seasoned Basmati Rice offers a tantalizing blend of white cheddar cheese and a fiery kick of jalapeño, combined with extra-long grain Basmati Rice to elevate your dining experience. Each serving packs just 2g of sugar, a generous 5g of protein, and a mere 220 calories, all conveniently packaged in a pouch designed for speed and simplicity. This culinary concoction adds a versatile dimension to any dish, promising to take it to the next level.

Andrew Cops, SVP Sales, Marketing & Product Development at LT Foods Americas, the parent company of Royal, stated, “With the launch of Royal’s Ready-to-Heat White Queso and Jalapeño Seasoned Basmati Rice, this exciting addition to Royal’s product line embodies our commitment to innovation and diverse flavors. This culinary blend brings together the best of two worlds, mirroring the tapestry of cultures and tastes that define the many flavors of you. We hope consumers will savor the experience, enjoy the fusion of flavors, and celebrate the unique and diverse flavors that Royal has to offer.”

Royal’s latest addition to the Ready-to-Heat lineup is now exclusively available in over 700 Walmart locations nationwide. This mouthwatering offering is served up in a fresh new packaging design while delivering the same exceptional taste that has made Royal a household name.

The Ready-to-Heat product line by Royal boasts an impressive array of 12 flavors, including its best-sellers like White Basmati, Cilantro Lime, Yellow Rice, and Mexican Street Corn.

As Royal continues its commitment to quality, authenticity, and sustainability, this flavorful addition aims to bring people together over food, bridging cultures, flavors, and traditions. For those eager to embark on a culinary journey with a dash of spice, the White Queso & Jalapeño Seasoned Basmati Rice is a delectable choice.

So, spice up your meals and get ready to savor the fusion of flavors with Royal’s White Queso & Jalapeño Seasoned Basmati Rice, the latest sensation in the world of ready-to-heat cuisine.