Safety Tat

A terrific safety product literally fell in my lap.  I love this job and I really want all of you to know about this great product called Safety Tat.  These are water-proof and sweat-proof temporary tattoo style Child ID labels.  Where have these been my entire mommy life!?!  These go on super easy with just water and can last 1-5 days (clearly day one it will be most visible; make sure you apply new ones on days with trips and crowds!)  The company offers adorable prints (flowers, butterflies dinosaurs, rockets and more); all you need to do is customize with your phone number.  A pack of 24 only costs $20.99.  Looking for a “peel and stick” option: they have it!  These require no water and run $19.99 for 18 (write your info easily with a marker).  They even offer “allergy/medical” tats that are beyond a lifesaver for the alarmingly growing number of food allergies our children suffer from these days!  Also, if you are like me and cannot keep up with the rushing around their “anywhere labels” will ensure your child comes home with their sandwich and/or snack keepers each day.  Please check out this great website:  We as parents know that losing sight of our children even for two seconds brings on a panic attack to top all panic attacks.  Safety Tats make me feel a little more in control thanks to a fellow mommy’s great idea!  Love this product!  Enter coupon code “SPRING16” for a discount today! 

safety tat

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