Be The Shoe by Kathy Kelada

Who out there is a shoe enthusiast?!? I just checked out the coolest book ever!  So creative and the perfect read for a leisurely Sunday? Be The Shoe is a great way for any woman to delve into “what kind of shoe” they would be.  It really made me think about what my own goals are and where I am at achieving them.  Literally you can be the shoe you want to be.  Or maybe you are already. This is a great accompaniment to a girls night out or even a ladies brunch.

I am sure you are wondering what I mean by all this so I will do my best to explain some of the comparisons within this clever book.  I personally am guilty of pretty much transforming my current mood and feeling of “where I am at” based upon the shoe I put on my foot.  Heels bring on a level of sexy while a loafer goes hand in hand with a busy day of work and carpools.  Take a cute quiz at the beginning of the book to determine what kind of shoe you are.  I of course, got LOAFER which makes total sense.  The rest of the book goes shoe by shoe with a lift up page description of kind of person you may be in relationships, at work, financially and in life based upon the shoe you choose.  For example, Low Heeled Boot could mean you are edgy, confident and determined.  You are task oriented and work hard to save money.  I love this book more than any astrological themed writing I have ever read before.

Super clever and an absolute MUST for the lady in your life!  Side note: it comes in an adorable “shoe bag”.

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