Skinn Cosmetics

I am truly starting off the New Year looking younger and fresh with some sensational cosmetics from the fine people at “Skinn” cosmetics.  These are inspiring products only available through the company’s website and within spas across the country.  I love how they bring us a natural product and don’t feel the need to use major retailers and advertisers.  They know what they have and refuse to skimp on quality.  Dimitri James really brings us brings us his best!  Their “Plasma Fusion Eyeshadow Primer and Setting Veil” is an absolute must.  The primer seals your lids and gets them ready for all day shadow wear while bringing grape seed oil and vitamins to your skin.  I love how the application makes my eye shadow pop!  This retails for $22.00.  “Plasma Fusion Full Coverage Foundation” is also pretty awesome.  Love the quality; I’ve used so many foundation brands and this one is light on your face while providing some serious smoothing action!  It almost feels like I am treating my skin to a special spa application each time I use it.  It comes in a super convenient package perfect for tossing into your bag for touch ups on the go.  The foundation retails for $32.00 and comes in an array of skin shades.  Finally, I was treated to their “Plamas Fusion Full Pigment Lipstick” in “Rusted Red”.  This is a rich, wonderful winter shade that brings deep color while moisturizing at the same time.  I find it so easy to achieve all day lip color despite my early trips to the coffee shop!  These lip shades run $20.00; please check them out as you will love them like I do.  This is just a sampling of  the products available from “Skinn”.  Please check out the entire cosmetic line as well as their skincare collection.  Such a pleasant change!


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