SKITCH Complete Skateboard Gift Set

SKITCH Complete Skateboard Gift Set for All Ages with 22 Inch Mini Cruiser Board + Skateboard Backpack + Skate Tool + Tote Bag

Review written by our 14 year old Reviewer

This holiday season, give your kid the coolest gift! The SKITCH Skateboard Gift Set is an excellent gift for pretty much anyone ages six and up. The set includes a 22-inch mini cruiser skateboard, skate tool, and travel case. It has a great design with a cool blue galaxy pattern. Both the color and pattern are beautifully designed, and the purple one is just as awesome. These skateboards have top quality bearings and great wheels which match the skateboard and provide a really smooth ride. The best part is how lightweight and easy to carry it is. You can put the skateboard in its carrying case or backpack for easy hands-free carrying. The case will keep your clothes free of wheel marks, and it is really lightweight. This skateboard is perfect for beginners because you can adjust the skateboard to fit your level. You can customize the speed and make it slower at first until you get used to skating. This skateboard is a great Christmas gift for any kid looking to get into skateboarding.

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