SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit

SmartThings Home Monitoring system took me quite a few minutes to understand at first, but once I did it made perfect sense. Basically the system is a way of connecting “wifi things”. If you’ve ever dealt with hooking up even a webcam, it’s a headache. I’m no techie, but I’m not stupid. That said, sometimes you’re playing with routers and most times it just ends with a glass of wine and a wifi webcam sitting back in the box.
Once you realize that this is the primary hurdle the SmartThings covers, you’re great. It connects it’s own things to other things and makes things happen. It comes with two multi-purpose sensors, an outlet, a motion sensor as well as of course the plug. So what can you do out of the box?

Maybe you want the motion sensor to turn on the living room light whenever you come home. Maybe you want it to turn on a plugged-in room heater when the multi-purpose sensor says it gets too cold. The idea is that situation A can talk to gadget B and so forth. Once you have that idea you then start to get excited and spend more on more gadgets and then… well, them you need more wine.



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