Snacks for Dad on Father’s Day

Okay, since we’re still ordering snacks online, and my Husband is a bit of a snack fiend, I had to figure out something quick!  I looked for snacks that were generally healthy but otherwise awesome.  We compiled this list of the greatest snacks for Dad and I’m sure most of these would appeal to even the most annoying husband for Father’s Day!


Kahawa 1893

Premium Kenyan coffee right to your door? Why, yes, thank you very much!

There are three reasons I love this coffee. The first, it tastes awesome. But sure, you could imagine that.

The second, it’s definitely priced quite reasonable especially with teh quality that you get.

But mostly, they have a feature where you can tip the farmers. How awesome is that?  I love companies that support their workers, but I have yet to see a feature to tip their farmers and frankly I find that awesome!


Frozen Garden

The Frozen Garden

I love the fact that these mixes are so easy. The reason that I don’t make smoothies is that it takes forever to make and dice. These are basically pre-done smoothies that you pop in the blender and boom.  Plus, to make it even better they have top of the line ingrediants to make it up.

In addition, you’ll see the fusion, which is basically ice that you put in your water to bring it up a notch. Highly recommend!








Daily Crunch
Nobody told me that sprouted almonds were a thing. If you’ve not heard of them, they should be a thing. The taste is well, the same but different. But to raise this snack up a notch, they have flavors.  Seek out the Coffee Soaked as it’s basically awesome.









Explore Cuisine
Explore Cuisine makes it easy to make a quick meal that even Dad can do it while he’s working from home.  It’s not just a box of pasta but pasta kicked up a bit with a lot more protein.  My man’s always avoided the pasta in fear that carbs are the enemy but here’s another option that might get him thinking about it.











Good Plant
We’ve moved beyond just beyond meats and now we have plant based cheese.  The advantage here is that we are basically addicted to cheese and my husband’s cholesterol is basically somewhere north of 300, maybe 400. That’s not the point.
Now you’re not going to replace a cutting board with this but it’s perfect for Nachos or soup or anything else you’re going to mix on and melt. It used to be that plant based cheese never melted but not anymore.










Karen’s Naturals

Hey, what’s in that raspberries? Oh it’s just raspberries.  And that’s what makes these snacks awesome. You see what they are, and that’s it. No secret sugar or sauce. Just the awesome flavor of fruit in a nice crunch. Instead of your man reaching for chips, here’s an alternative that’s actually good for them.









Killer Creamery
Ok, this is like Ice cream but it’s not. It’s basically Keto friendly so it’s basically protein without the carbs.  They don’t taste exactly like ice cream but close enough to satisfy that craving while still being healthy. I’ll tell you the Peanut Blubber is by far my favorite.














Mayorga makes coffee… Mayorga makes chia seeds. Don’t mix up the two!  The coffee really tastes incredible and reminds me of when I’ve had the real coffee when I was traveling through the Caribbean.

The chia seeds are really brilliant and healthy to liven up any salad as well as give you a good healthy boost.












Parm Crisps

I love this snack because it’s a combination of the Parmesan cheese crisps that I’m addicted to with a bit of a healthy nut mix.   The smoky barbecue is my new addiction. I could just sit here all day eating them. Plus they’re keto so they are a good and healthy snack which I clearly love.












Sweet Logic
Sweet Logic is based in Denver, Colorado and they make basically the easiest mixes I’ve seen to keep with Keto. Now I’m telling you, if you’re in the mood for brownie, this mug mix is so simple.  I mean it’s literally like just add water and Boom!













Lou Malnati’s Tastes of Chicago

Sure, they sell amazing deep dish pizzas and they are straight from Chicago so you know they’re authentic. But this deep dish cookie in the heart shaped pan is seriously amazing.  You will taste it, you will love it!

Trust me, it’s an indulgence that’s well worth it!  Order the pizza, sure, but then order the cookie!

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