Ok so while this started out as one of my more strange product reviews, it ended up being the most amazing way to literally “soak” the horrible work week off.  The innovative product Soakees is basically your slipper style “slip on” foot bath.  You can literally treat your tired and aching feet to a spa treatment at home; all contained in these comfortable medical grade vinyl slippers.  I sat on my couch after I put my lovely children to bed and treated myself without the mess of tubs of water!  These would be great for soothing away foot pain, ailments, “smelly feet”, and general wellness.  Holistic specialists say that soaking your feet is actually great for your liver, spleen and kidney’s.  Use of these couldn’t be easier; I prepared 3 cups of warm water to 1/4 cup salts and slipped the empty Soakees on my feet.  I added the solution and let soak for 20 minutes.  Honestly; I sat on the couch and watched television with zero hassle or mess.  Cleaning them after use is super easy; just rinse with water and sanitize with a hospital grade cleaner.

These cost around $20; check them out to pamper yourself!

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