Softsoap Fragrant Foaming Collection

New and perfect for the germs that come with heading back on the school bus are the fabulous smelling liquid foaming hand soaps from Softsoap.  We put all three new options to the test and each one really smelled great all the while ridding us of the germs we brought home with us.  Actually, it is recommended we wash the soap and water for 20 straight seconds to keep our skin bacteria and dirt free.  I put “Kitchen Citrus Bliss” on my kitchen sink ledge and it is like a special lemon lime explosion of clean each time I use it.  Super great fragrance to rid you of that “just cut an onion” smell too. “Jasmine and White Cotton” reminds me of clean laundry hanging out to dry in the summer breeze.  Clean and long-lasting scent on our skin.  Finally, the “Whipped Cocoa Butter” is like dessert for our hands.  You get real cocoa and butter extracts in every pump and I was left searching in the kitchen for a small piece of chocolate to go with it.  No matter the fragrance, Softsoap foaming soaps quite literally pamper your skin with luxury while cleaning the day’s germs down the drain where they belong.  You will be left with smooth and delicious smelling hands to tackle what comes next.  For more information, to purchase Softsoap products and for special offers and the latest news/updates please visit

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