SOMOS Launches Simmer Sauces for High Quality, Low Effort Home Cooked Mexican Meals


Alright, amigos, gather ’round. Picture this: it’s a Tuesday night, and you’re craving the kind of Mexican food that makes your taste buds dance like they’re in a mariachi band. But let’s be real, who has the time to slow-cook, sauté, and spice up a storm in the kitchen? Enter SOMOS and their Simmer Sauces – the culinary game-changers you’ve been waiting for.

Now, let’s talk about the brain trust behind this mouth-watering magic. SOMOS was born out of the combined culinary cravings of Miguel Leal, Daniel Lubetzky, and Rodrigo Zuloaga – three Mexican-American amigos who decided it was high time to bring authentic Mexican flavors to your kitchen without the all-day affair.

Imagine transforming your home-cooked meals with sauces that don’t start with water but with whole, robust ingredients like tomatoes, chiles, and spices. These aren’t your average, run-of-the-mill jarred sauces. No, SOMOS sauces pack the kind of punch that’ll have you thinking you’ve been transported straight to a bustling market in Mexico City.

First up in this trio of flavor triumphs is the Taco Simmer Sauce. Think tomatoes and chiles mingling with cumin, garlic, and onion in a symphony of savory delight. Toss it with some ground beef, and in minutes, you’ve got tacos that make Taco Tuesday feel like a fiesta. If your curiosity is piqued and your stomach is grumbling, dive into the Taco Simmer Sauce here.

Next, we have the Fajita Simmer Sauce. It’s a tangy, vibrant blend of tomatoes, peppers, lime juice, and a hint of oregano and cumin. Imagine stripping down some steak or chicken thighs, giving them a good sear, and then letting them bathe in this sauce. It’s fajitas made easy, but tasting like you spent hours. Ready to spice up your life? Check out the Fajita Simmer Sauce here.

And then, there’s the showstopper: Al Pastor Simmer Sauce. Sweet, spicy, and a touch of pineapple – it’s the perfect dance partner for pork. This one’s got that just-right mix of tomatoes, chiles, and pineapple juice that will make your taste buds sing. Trust me, one bite and you’ll wonder why you ever did Al Pastor any other way. Curious? Explore the Al Pastor Simmer Sauce here.

But hold onto your sombreros, because SOMOS isn’t stopping there. They’re rolling out Red and Green Enchilada Sauces nationwide after their successful Whole Foods debut, and Mole Simmer Sauces – Red and Poblano – are on the horizon. If you’re thinking that your slow cooker soups, meats, and veggies could use a little flavor boost, these sauces are your new best friends.

SOMOS has only been around since 2021, but they’ve already planted their flag in over 11,000 stores. Whether you’re strolling through Walmart, Target, or Whole Foods, you’re likely to spot these jars of joy. And if you’re more of a click-and-buy kind of chef, they’re just a few clicks away on Amazon or their own website

So there you have it, folks. SOMOS isn’t just selling sauces; they’re selling a slice of Mexico, jarred up and ready to make your weeknight dinners something to remember. Head over to and join the flavor revolution. Trust me, your taste buds will thank you.