Special Access to shopDisney Merchandise Now Available for Disney+ Subscribers

image of bulletin announcing disney+ subscriber special access

Adding to the reasons that it’s a benefit to get Disney+, Disney has announced that starting today, Disney+ subscribers in the US can participate in the limited test experience of being able to buy certain products with exclusive early access at shopDisney.com. They are testing various items and it looks like they might rotate inventory, depending on the supply and demand.

This gives the subscriber a chance to buy exclusive material before the public, and before it probably sells out. Some highlights that already sold out were the  Ahsoka Tano Special Edition Doll, her lightsaber, and various other products.

They still have some things that I think might be a hit this holiday season like a Scarlet Witch Ear Headband, an Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi lightsaber set, and the Black Panther collectible mask. We just covered the Black Panther Dolls selling out at Target, and this might be another collectible that sells out, depending on how the movie does.

This is an interesting value-add for all Disney+ subscribers as it’s now giving another reason to beat the holiday shopping traffic and it is adding value to being a Disney+ subscriber. This also makes it interesting to consider how certain streaming services are trying to build more value into being a paid subscriber.