Sprout Organic Baby and Toddler Foods

I help babysit my cousins children from time to time and I love when they enjoy the lunch or snacks that I give them.  If they don’t make faces it is just easier to feed them and go back to playing.

I just brought them over the new Taste Bud Trainers from Sprout Organic that my mom received to test out this week.  These are brand new and available at Target.

They are these cool 2 ounce pouches that mix up their top flavors in both fruits and vegetables.  Fruit options include blueberry/banana oatmeal, carrot/apple/mango and strawberry/pear/banana.  Veggie options include purple carrot with strawberry/grape/sweet potato, green veggies with pineapple and mango and sweet potato with mango, apple and carrot.  They really do taste good ( I actually tried one out before giving to the kids because I was curious) and its a pretty easy way to get the important fruits and veggies into a kids diet.  Also – they would be great for people who are busy and in the car a lot because they are easy to hand to your toddler and don’t make a huge mess.

They cost about $6.50 for a 6pk and you like I said they have them at your local Target.

Check them out!