Summer Toy Guide


Squaregles Building Set: Engineering Genius or Just a Fancy Puzzle?

Summer is here, and with it comes the perennial challenge of keeping your kids entertained without losing your sanity. Enter the Squaregles Building Set, the toy that’s as versatile as it is confusingly named. With an MSRP ranging from $44.99 to $89.99, these sets promise endless summer fun for kids aged 3 and up. You can snag one on Amazon or

Here’s the deal: You get to build and explore with one of their popular sets, crafting whatever your imagination can muster—whether that’s a towering structure, a racing car, or a scribble masterpiece on the paperboard panels. The magnetic frames are a neat touch, sticking to the playset like they have their own gravitational pull. Take it outside to build on the deck or driveway, or lug it to the playground to show off your engineering prowess to the other parents. But let’s be honest, these Squaregles are probably just as fun for adults as they are for kids. Think of it as a way to channel your inner architect without the hassle of, you know, actual construction.

Hape Owl Baby Playmat: For When Your Baby Needs to Work Out

Next on our list is the Hape Owl Baby Playmat, a veritable gym for your newborn. If you’ve ever felt like your baby’s schedule of eating, sleeping, and crying could use a bit more activity, this playmat is here to save the day. Suitable for babies from 0 months and up, this soft-pad baby gym is available now at Target.

The playmat features a tweeting bird teether, an adorable owl rattle, and a flower ring to keep your little one entertained. The folding arch and velcro setup make it so easy to assemble and disassemble that you’ll wonder why all baby products aren’t this straightforward. Perfect for summer outings, you can take it along to the park, beach, or even just the backyard. Watching your baby engage with the playmat’s features might be the most productive thing you’ll do all summer—aside from binge-watching your favorite show during nap time.

 Summer Sanity Savers

So there you have it, folks. Whether you’re looking to foster your child’s inner engineer with the Squaregles Building Set or give your newborn a taste of portable gym life with the Hape Owl Baby Playmat, these toys are here to make your summer a little less chaotic. Sure, they might not solve all your parenting woes, but they’ll keep the kids busy long enough for you to enjoy that cup of coffee before it gets cold. Happy summer, everyone!