Sun Outdoors New Orleans North Shore

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Sun Outdoors New Orleans North Shore is a unique camping experience situated on 65 acres of land in Ponchatoula County. It used to be known as Reunion Lake RV Resort, but now it’s part of the Sun Outdoors family. The first thing visitors will see upon arrival is the central office, which handles 90 RV check-ins on a typical Friday. This resort is 80% full with visitors coming from an hour’s drive away, so it attracts people from quite a range.

The manager has described the RV resort as a “resort” rather than a campground. There are two people on-site in case of emergencies, and there’s an adorable scavenger hunt for kids. Peak season is May to Memorial Day, and the resort is all-inclusive. It offers golf cart rentals, swimming in the lake, DirecTV, WiFi cable, fireworks four times a year, an ice cream shop, and a game room. Just outside the grounds, there is even a Sonic fast-food restaurant.

One of the most beautiful things to witness at the resort is the sunrise mist that rises over the lake. The boardwalk wraps nearly around the lake, providing one of the nicest jogging locations you’ll ever see. The boardwalk and the lake combine to showcase the interaction between the sun and the water. This makes for a wonderful appreciation of nature in the early morning hours. The lake is known as Reunion Lake and has a pool and a beach area, much like what one would see in any Florida resort.

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There is certainly something different about camping with an RV. In fact, there’s even an RV 101 guide to help people get started. It’s not camping, nor is it living in a five-star resort. Those new to RVs require a mental adjustment. At first, you have to figure out how the RV works, how it’s laid out, and even where the lights are located. Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, though, you can enjoy all that there is to offer with the RV experience. I stayed in the Puma RV shown above.

One of the unique aspects of the RV experience is the sense of community that comes with it. In this world, you can easily leave the front door open without worrying about theft. People are constantly waving and greeting each other, and sometimes, neighbors even invite each other over for coffee. This sense of intimacy can be a bit disconcerting at first, but it has its rewards once you become more familiar with the environment.

Sun Outdoors New Orleans North Shore is a campground that offers many amenities. The management team takes pride in every detail of worrying about every detail for the customer. If there’s a problem, they’re right on the case. The resort is a great central base to explore all that Ponchatoula County has to offer. It’s also only an hour from New Orleans if you want to explore the city.

The resort’s standout feature has to be the man-made lake in the middle of the campground. It’s surrounded on three sides by a beautiful boardwalk that looks amazing during sunrise and sunset. The lake itself is a wonderful stand-out feature. Visitors can go to the beach area alongside the lake or go kayaking on the lake.

Cindi, the manager, is the heart of the resort. She juggles the job of a manager, chef, handyman, barkeep, bouncer, and everything else it takes to run an operation like this, all while keeping everyone happy. The RV itself was comfortable, clean, and set up exactly as one would need. It could easily hold a family of four.

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Sun Outdoors New Orleans North Shore is an excellent place to experience the RV lifestyle in a resort-like setting. With its expansive property, scenic lake, and numerous amenities, it offers guests an unforgettable vacation. The friendly and helpful staff, led by the outstanding manager Cindy, go above and beyond to ensure that everyone has a great time.

The RV experience may take some getting used to. But it offers a unique opportunity to connect with others and be a part of a tight-knit community. The Sun Outdoors North Shore provides a perfect backdrop for these connections. It’s also a central location for exploring the Ponchatoula County region and beyond.

Whether you’re an experienced RVer or new to the lifestyle, Sun Outdoors New Orleans North Shore is a must-visit destination. From the mist rising over the lake in the morning to the fireworks lighting up the sky at night, there’s no shortage of natural beauty and fun activities to enjoy. So pack your bags, hop in your RV, and head on over to Sun Outdoors New Orleans North Shore for an unforgettable adventure!