Tavour Mixed Beer Gift Box Set

Father’s Day is rapidly approaching and we have to prepare for the important men in our lives.  What could be better then giving them an enormous gift of all different yummy IPA’s?!?

Tavour offers amazing gift box options and we are currently checking out their fabulous Mixed Beer Gift Box Set ($99).  This has the perfect mixing of everything – IPA’s, Saisons, Wild Ales, Imperial Stouts and much more.  You get about 12-16 hand selected beers from the best of the best.

They range in alcohol content as well; some are pretty high and some are basically the “norm”.  The flavors are so cool – fruity options, pale pilsners, you name it.  I am loving even looking at the cool artwork on some of the cans.  Some of them were even less beer like to me; more like the perfect dessert at the end of the day.  The company is truly amazing; they feature over 600 breweries from all over including 47 states.  It is like a gift box from everywhere and each can is a special treat!  You can easily download the app and literally lounge on the couch while ordering these delightful options.

You simply must check them out!  Think Father’s Day, Graduation Parties or really just Friday!