Ten Reasons to Add Pistachios Into Your Snack Closet

My husband is addicted to Pistachios and now I’m trying to get the rest of the family into them.  Funny enough, he hates pistachio ice cream but loves the straight nut and we go through tons of them.

So now I’ve compiled a list of 10 reasons you should add them to your family’s diet snack closet.

10) Pistachios are great for an energy boost to avoid the  the mid-day/morning slump

9)  Pistachios are full of nutrients. They are like mini nutrient blasts!

8) Pistachios are high in protein, especially good for my vegetarian hubbie to get his protein blast.

7)  Pistachios can help you maintain your weight good for snacking. Much better than candy!

6)  Pistachios can improve your nervous system and help maintain healthy skin. They are a  good source in vitamin B6 and vitamin E!

5)  Pistachios are a heart healthy nut, regular consumption can decrease levels of bad cholesterol.  This might also be my man’s excuse for his daily snack of nuts.

4) Pistachios can help control diabetes. Ladies, they help with gestational diabetes.

3)  Pistachios have been found to aid in digestion of food as they are a good source of dietary fiber. Don’t eat the shells though.

2)  Great snack food, as they take longer to eat than most other snacks (shelling each nut) you end up not over eating.  And also throwing out the shells.

1)  Have been found to help anemia as pistachios contain a large amount of iron

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