The JAMA Collection by MLILY

Who is on the hunt for a great night’s sleep for their child??!!  Um…that would be literally all of us.

I am loving the JAMA Mattress by MLILY we were sent to check out for my daughter.  This is a super great firm feeling mattress and the cover is machine washable which speaks volumes to my mommy ears.  The sizing works perfectly for both bunkbeds and trundles.

Let’s talk about the actual mattress.  The first thing I noticed was how soft it was.  It is super slim (5-7 inches thick) yet the foam is so luxurious and soft that you almost can’t believe how comfortable it is.  The foam also has great cooling qualities so your child will be totally comfortable and able to fall asleep smoothly and soundly.  It is made from sustainable materials so you know your child is only laying on the best.  The mattress adapts to your body for extra comfort.  The mattress is medium firm so its perfect for their little growing bodies.

This really is a great option for your child.  These kids are running around and dealing with the daily stresses of this never ending pandemic so they should be able to wind down at the end of the day and be comfortable as they sleep.  That way they are ready for the next day and all that it brings!

Check them out!