The Negg Is Egg-cellent!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  The meals are non stop here; literally all we talk about.  The kids and the hubby are always on the hunt for something new.  The Negg arrived at our house this week at just about the perfect time.  This takes the painstaking task of peeling a hard-boiled egg and makes it so much easier.  All you have to do is put the egg in the innovative cup with a tiny bit of water, shake it up and viola you peel the egg super easily.  The husband actually fought me on this; he says “certain things do not require a gadget” but I made him try it.  And guess what… he says he is never peeling an egg the old way again.  The Negg Egg Peeler costs about $15.00 and comes in an array of colors.

So now, we have all these pretty hard-boiled eggs and need something fun and snazzy to do with them.

Clearly the best thing to do now was make deviled eggs using the awesome seasoning mixes from Negg as well.  There are four fantastic flavors including classic, cajun, curry and smoky ham.  So far we have tried the classic and the smoky ham and both are super yummy!  These mixes make it so easy to race home from work and prepare a nice and delicious appetizer to serve your guests any time!  A four pack of the mixes will run you around $10.00 making it super affordable.