The SteakAger

Who out there is a steak enthusiast like this house? What a great experience we had these last few weeks literally aging our own steaks; the hubby was thrilled to participate!  The SteakAger box literally fits in your refrigerator and you can track the process right on the app from your phone since the box is wi-fi enabled!  I am so psyched to not have to hire an expensive sitter to watch the kids so we can go to a steak house for amazing aged steak.  This box of wonder keeps out pesky bacteria, controls humidity and you never smell one second of it in your fridge.  Buy a whole roast on sale; pop it into the “ager” for 14 days and your house is now a steakhouse before your eyes.  We did not believe it until we tried it for ourselves.  The flavor is simply divine and you will be the awe of your next dinner party.  The SteakAger holds up to 22 lbs of beef and within seconds you will be prepping for the meal of a lifetime.  Please check this fun gadget out for a super extraordinary gift; dare I suggest grabbing an early Father’s Day present?


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