Tokens of Love

token of love
token of love

In a world where screens often dominate our interactions, Jennifer Hobaica, the visionary behind OLIVE U, is inviting us to embrace the power of tangible connections. Enter TOKENS, a collection of handmade keepsakes designed to touch the soul, boost confidence, offer unwavering support, and commemorate the beautiful bonds that weave our lives together.

Tokens of Love arrive tucked away in the softest suede pouches, each concealing seven miniature treasures. These delicate keepsakes come accompanied by a two-sided card, thoughtfully intertwining words with emotions. Whether you’re marking significant life events, expressing profound love, or celebrating the cherished bonds of friendship, TOKENS aspire to be the silent conveyors of heartfelt sentiments.

With Mother’s Day and Father’s Day approaching, OLIVE U brings forth two distinct themes within the TOKENS collection. First on the stage is “TOKENS for the New Parent,” a delightful tribute to the rollercoaster of emotions that accompany the arrival of a baby. It’s a heartfelt invitation to embrace the love, the chaos, and those sleepless nights that turn into treasured memories.

The second theme, “TOKENS of Love,” offers couples a unique avenue to express their emotions in a whimsical and memorable fashion. These tokens are not mere keepsakes; they are tiny, significant expressions of affection.

Jennifer Hobaica embarked on her journey with OLIVE U in 2000 when she introduced the brand as a line of baby clothing. The brand swiftly captured hearts, owing to its steadfast dedication to timeless design, top-quality materials, and a personalized shopping experience. Celebrity admirers such as Cindy Crawford, Lisa Rinna, and Brooke Shields bore testimony to the brand’s allure.

In 2016, OLIVE U ventured beyond clothing and delved into lifestyle products with the unveiling of “The WARM ME.” This heated pillow not only delivered warmth but also added a touch of luxury to everyday life. It stood out as a product in a league of its own.

Fast forward to 2022, and OLIVE U has unveiled its latest creation, TOKENS. The inspiration for TOKENS was drawn from the pandemic era, a time when the absence of human connections was keenly felt. TOKENS represent Jennifer Hobaica’s response to that yearning – a means to reunite people and celebrate the diverse facets of life.

Jennifer Hobaica, the Founder & Creative Director of OLIVE U, commenced her entrepreneurial journey from her dining room table. Her motivation was clear – to be a hands-on mother while crafting exquisite, meaningful products. Her discerning eye for style, penchant for detail, and adoration of fabrics and colors are the lifeblood of OLIVE U’s creations.

Tokens of Love, far beyond mere trinkets, are poised to become symbols of love and affection that transcend the limitations of words. OLIVE U’s unwavering commitment to timeless design, premium materials, and a personalized shopping experience ensures that TOKENS are not merely gifts but cherished embodiments of sentiments.

In the words of Jennifer Hobaica herself, “Tokens of Love are tiny treasures that convey confidence, offer solace, and celebrate the enchantment of connections. They are the whispers of the heart that linger with you.”

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