Top 10 Breweries in Torrance, California

Top 10 Breweries for the Best Brew in Torrance, California by rock n’ roll’s vibrant indie collective band The 131ers.

With the rise of craft beer in Southern California, one city has been tested time and time again, quickly becoming the craft beer capital of Los Angeles County. Torrance, California is home to 12 breweries. If you include the breweries a stone’s throw away in neighboring cities (which we do), it has well over 30. With so many different options, it can be difficult—even scary—to find the right brew for you while also accommodating your family. As a band born and raised in Torrance, we know these sacred houses of bier better than anyone else. Here are our top ten breweries in the mecca of SoCal craft beer—Torrance, California.

1. Yorkshire Square Brewery

Fav beer: The Tennant
A relatively new addition to the T-town beer scene, Yorkshire Square brewery made quite the splash with their English-inspired cask ales. As the son of Brit turned Angelino, this brewery has a special place in my heart. Their beers range from the mild pub bitters and lagers you find in a real English pub to the devilishly delicious (and strong) T’ould Lad—Yorkshire’s first bottled beer is a great dark English ale. It has a family-friendly vibe with a large taproom filled with board games, cards, darts, and even massive Jenga. On weeknights and weekends, you can always find a delicious food truck outside. The best part? They serve imperial. That means a 20oz pint. Ladies and Gents, we have a winner.

2. Phantom Carriage

Fav Beer: Carson Genuine Draft
This dark and brooding horror-themed brewery is one of a kind. Serving a vast—and ever-rotating—selection of Belgian-inspired beers they have become one of the first Sour breweries. Their beers represent a new set of craft beers focusing on mixed fermentation processes and barrel-aging their brews. Long story short: it’s all insanely good. Though the atmosphere is dark and foreboding, it’s surprisingly kid-friendly. On a weekly basis, they host events that are great for the whole family like popcorn movie nights, improv theater, and group painting sessions. Their kitchen is also beyond tasty featuring a host of old-school sandwiches and specials.

3. Smog City

Fav Beer: Mexican Vacation
If you know a thing or two about California craft beer, then you’ve heard of the geniuses over at Smog. One of the oldest Torrance Breweries, you can find Smog City beers all over the state in grocery stores and bars. They’ve even opened a second taproom in Long Beach. The Torrance location is the heart of their organization. A bright and friendly taproom with a knowledgeable staff makes it an absolute pleasure to drink at. Bring the family by on weekends for some of the best food trucks in all of LA. Every beer on their extensive menu is unique and delicious.

4. LA Ale Works

Fav Beer: California Cowboy
Well, it’s not technically Torrance…It’s a whole street over into neighboring Hawthorne. LA Ale Works has one of the largest menus of revolving beers in the South Bay. The spacious brewery is nestled right next to SpaceX. Every day of the week you can catch Elon Musk’s workforce relaxing over a delicious beer and a tasty food truck. Need to bring the kids along? No worries. LA Ale Works makes its own in-house sparkling lemonade and ginger ale. If you get over to this brewery be sure to try their Thai Tea infused beer—Karma Kolsch. Or if you’re feeling man enough you can try our favorite brew—California Cowboy—giddy up partner!


5. Monkish

Fav Beer: Anomaly
It’s hip and fresh and its Belgian-inspired beers will force you to walk home. Monkish brewing on Western Ave is an intimate brewery that takes a unique spin on classic Belgian-style ales. Just like many of the other breweries close by, they have food trucks and events on most nights of the week. What makes Monkish special is the overall “vibe” of the place. The fairy light sparkled main room is friendly and open with most people bringing in their kids and dogs. If you go, get the Anomaly—it’s dark and strong and everything a beer should ever be.


6. Red Car Brewery

Fav Beer: Big Red Ale
Red Car Brewery was the first-ever brewery based in Torrance. It’s been serving brews and grub since 2000. One of the only breweries in the area with a full kitchen makes it the perfect place for a date night or family night. Though their beers aren’t as forward-thinking as their newly founded neighbors, there is a great history in the little old Torrance brewery. Family-built, and family-owned for almost 20 years—you’ll come for the beer, but you’ll stay for the nostalgia. Red Car brewing is a must for any beer connoisseur or family looking for a nice night out.

7. HopSaint

Fav Beer: Kolsch Enough
This hip new spot, nestled into the unlikely bowels of West Torrance, provides a cozy yet modern atmosphere for its many patrons. Their tasty menu includes a real wood-fired pizza oven and a “Day by Day BBQ.” The bar is stylish and is a great place to watch the game after work with friends and family. Their beers are tasty but safe and therefore attract an older school crowd. This is the place to take your father-in-law or maybe get your kid a pizza after his AYSO game.


8. Absolution

Fav Beer: Cardinal Sin
Absolution Brewing—the heart of the farm-to-glass craft experience. Their tasty artisan ales are made with a deep respect for the “old world” style of brewing, but using innovative, fresh new ingredients. Their beers are tasty, and their Torrance tap room is hip, fashionable, and industrial chic. Just like many of the other breweries in Torrance, they offer a variety of different food trucks and local eats from week to week. If you like perfectly balanced old-school craft ales and the occasional BBQ for the family, Absolution is for you.

9. R6 Distillery

Fav Beer: R6 Bourbon
I know what you’re thinking—this isn’t a brewery! It clearly says distillery. But the thing is, you’d be wrong. R6 Distillery is the South Bay’s only craft distillery. They first opened as a brewery, but slowly found their way into the mysterious alchemy of hard alcohol. Its chic speakeasy atmosphere and simple menu offer a variety of cultured cocktails and liquors. While they recently stopped brewing their own beer, they will soon be home to a mysterious NEW brewer renting out their space and serving at their tasting room. Even though this spot serves hard alcohol, it’s still quite a family-friendly place. Patrons consistently bring in pizza and food from their favorite local El Segundo eateries. Stop by on a Saturday night and you might even find a local band gracing this old-school spot with some fresh tunes.


10. Strand Brewing Co.

Fav Beer: Beach House Amber
If you like beer in the South Bay, then you like Strand. With a fun, light tap room filled with craft brews based in Torrance, they distribute all throughout Southern California. Known for their complex and indubitably strong IPAs, they’ve made a reputation for themselves as true craftsmen of the “new California” style. Their mission statement to produce “outstanding beer” and sell to a larger market while maintaining high-quality ingredients has most definitely been achieved. Don’t feel like heading to yet another tap room with takeout? You can find Strand beer in dozens of restaurants and bars all over Torrance and surrounding cities.

There you have it, folks. The 10 absolute best breweries to get a pint in Torrance, CA approved by all us beer lovers here at the 131ers. We hope you perused this list and found the brewery which fits your family’s needs and taste buds best.

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