Top Burgers in California’s Bay Area

Top Burgers in California’s Bay Area: San Francisco alternative rock band Static and Surrender shared some of their favorite burger places in the Bay area.

One of our favorite things about being on the road is sampling different types of food indigenous to certain regions; deep dish pizza in Chicago, thin crust pizza on the New Jersey Boardwalk or Brooklyn (sadly, a good corner pizza joint is rare where we live in Northern CA), a Philly Cheesesteak or Soft Pretzel, Kansas City BBQ, Louisiana Bayou etouffee, New Mexican Christmas chilis in Santa Fe (if you know, you know), Friday night fish fry in Wisconsin summers, the list goes on and on. But the one thing that’s shared and shared well by every inch of this country is a solid Hamburger. And whereas we’ve prided ourselves in finding a good burger in many places throughout the US, we figured it’s only appropriate that we share the best spots from our home in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Static and Surrender

1. Luka’s Taproom, Oakland

This place is as Oaktown as it gets. Right on the cusp of Downtown, Lake Merritt, and West Oakland, and less than a mile from our rehearsal studio, it boasts a consistently good selection of craft beer, good cocktails, and regional American Fare. But their Burger is not only a standout, it’s perfect. The patty is the right size, they always get the temp right, toppings are on point and the bun is great (gluten-free option to boot). And the price is right, at $15 (which sadly is a bargain for a restaurant burger around here). But this is the burger I crave when I crave one from anywhere else.


2. Harry’s Bar, Fillmore, San Francisco

I used to live in this neighborhood and this was my local spot to watch NFL games on Sundays. Nothing fancy, but nothing compromised in their perfectly sized, perfectly bunned, and perfectly cooked burger offering. They also have amazing wings and it’s a great walking-around neighborhood in one of the coolest parts of the city.


3.  Zeitgeist, San Francisco

It’s mostly the scene that makes this one worth mentioning (it’s an old biker bar that the hipsters basically took over, as per most of the inner Mission neighborhood) but the scene is one of the best hangs on a nice afternoon in SF, which can be somewhat rare as it tends to be foggy and chilly the better half of the year. But when the suns out, this is the spot. Huge outdoor beer garden (I know, I know) with games, tons of picnic tables, and counter ordering for solid BBQ grill burgers.


4. Finnegan’s Marin, Novato

This solid neighborhood Irish bar in a mostly sleepy little Northern Marin County town boasts a memorable, super juicy grass-fed beef burger on a deliciously buttered and grilled bun that I basically can’t not stop for when I’m passing through the neighborhood.



5. Spruce, Presidio Heights, San Francisco

This is a fancy and upscale restaurant that has what is basically a perfect restaurant hamburger. It is for $20 (plus $1 for really fancy cheese) but it’s worth it. And for double the price, you can add Fois Gras if you really want to eat all the meats. Only kicker is that it’s only available at lunch.



6. In-N-Out Burger, Everywhere, CA

It’s fast food, but it’s high quality, mostly natural fast food. And it’s everywhere, and it’s amazing. Get a Double Double—ask for it “Animal Style.” Trust Me.


What’s on your list of Top Burgers in California’s Bay Area?

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