Top CBD Products of 2020 That Moms Will Love

CBD Coffee Scrub by I and I Botanicals

This stuff makes your face feel beyond clean. I have no cue if the CBD is actually having an effect but I can tell you the coffee gives you a scrub that wakes you up and ready for battle. Plus it smells amazing.  This has to be one of the best face scrubs I’ve ever tried.








Mastermind CBD

When you call, you get the CEO. This is a product that you’re buying for the service and philosophy especially. They are about performance and know their stuff. It’s not just that they make CBD but they make CBD to help you train and reach the next level. If you work out or you’re an athlete, this is for you.







Mendi CBD

These gummies look great in their packaging and taste great. They look cool and taste cool. They make you feel cool.  These products are probably one of the best and simplest designed I’ve seen.








Hippi tea
Okay the Mellow wasn’t’ my “Cup of tea”… get it? But the Day Dreamer was certainly another one to try CBD.  The Day Dreamer is nice and flowery and as a Mom, I love being able to just sip tea and nobody notices that it’s CBD.









Batch by Wisconsin Hemp Scientific
These guys have the coolest hemp products I’ve seen. They are organic, locally sourced and know their stuff. If your goal is CBD where you know the lineage of the product, these are the guys for you.

I always love when a product is really sourced from start to finish that you can track every step of it’s lifecycle.







Ojai energetics

I love that the Coconut Oil is just another option here. You can pop it right into a smoothie and just go about your day. The full spectrum tincture is a series and kick butt amount to get you right into business.

In fact, I popped the coconut oil right in my husband morning shake and he loved the texture as well as the taste.









Why are they different? They have years of experience and are serious about their CBD. Whole Spectrum is intense and they have a few varieties going on to suit your flavor.

I love the fact that they have a variety to suit whatever your desire and need.








Nobody told me that hemp oil is good for regrowing hair but here we are. A great option and possibility for hair growth without using all the chemicals.

This was a really nice shampoo and I could easily see this replacing my usual shower routine.







Blue Ribbon Hemp

See the name, Dr. Igor Bussel on the label? He’s basically the guy who researched CBD and Seniors. He knows his stuff. If you’re wondering what to buy grandma, look no further than the guy who researched it.

If you spend the time, his website is really in-depth with articles and can be a nice little rabbit hole to explore.







Corn Bread Hemp

Okay, this doesn’t have corn bread in it which makes me sad. I love corn bread. That said, if you’re feeling the stress of being a mom in covid times, this Kentucky company has you covered.

I kind of like the idea that this is all sourced right from Kentucky. It has a different feel from the usual products and maybe that philosophy holds true.






G and Juice + CBD

It’s a really tasty summer drink with enough CBD to really take the edge off. Just don’t let your kids take a drink from you or… well wait a minute, this might help things out a bit. When your kids are losing their mind during Covid this might help.

Plus, who doesn’t like listening to “Gin and Juice” while drinking G and Juice?







Sweat CBD

Okay, I’m not dancing about the name but this coffee is really unique. You can just pop it in your drip coffee machine and 10 mg for a coffee. Don’t tell my boss, but during a zoom meeting I wasn’t upset at all by his nagging.

But I really love these products that are rather innocuous looking like coffee.  Just don’t let grandma make the coffee or you have a different set of issues.







I just love how portable these are. They are super tiny and I could easily hide this in my purse. As a mom, it’s really easy to just drop this in my water during soccer practice.









Veritas Farms

They call it farm to table and these guys mean it.

Here’s the 140 acres and boom, here’s your CBD. This is amazing to me that you can know exactly to the acre where your CBD comes from.







Because CBD

Because is designed and marketed for older adults. The premise is that adults can suffer from Inflammation, alleviating pain and anxiety. What I love is the dedicated hotline to answer any questions. Nobody should just take CBD without understanding it and this hotline makes it easier. I even test called and they were really so sweet and very knowledgeable.








Spark CBD

Do you like seltzer? Would you like a little CBD? Well, here you go! All mixed together in a wonderful and happy format for all of your CBD needs. It tastes great so be careful not to drink more than you wanted to!









The Hemp Division

They have so many products but look at this Golden Milk. I never saw something similar to it, but I just love the idea that you can add it right into a shake. The teas are great and tasted quite good, but I am loving this Golden Milk idea. Morning shake, and boom there you go!








Santa Fe Dirt Moisturizer

Made in Santa Fe, New Mexico, this stuff isn’t dirt! Okay, that’s the name but it’s a great moisturizer. Throw it under your eyes, a little dab, or wherever you like to moisturize and let Dirt do it’s magic.








MIxMe Wellness

Well, this is a unique take as it’s water soluable.  If you’re taking a bath or just want to go for a run it will mix nicely with that water and dilute better than oil.  I love the idea of squirting it in the old Poland Spring bottle and nobody will know what I’m drinking. It’s none of their darn business anyway!